Our corporate policy of “Delivering Commitments” is our core strength in handling projects of different nature and providing a wide range of services to both national and international producers.

Through our relationships with supplier and independent contractors throughout the region, we acts as a Line producer providing production services, handling the entire logistics including scouting, budgeting, scheduling, accounts and production support.

We take care of everything & anything related to Film/TV production :

– Location Scouting & Recce.

– Crew Hiring / Referrals

– Government & Private Permissions / Clearances for shooting in India &  SAARC region

– Assistance with Visas for cast / crew

– Contracts between local personnel  & companies

– Co-ordinate Hotel, Air & Transport

– Organising casting and post auditions online

– Hire Facilities & Equipment according to production requirements.

– Providing props as per the demand of the script.

– Clearing of all shipments to India and re-export back to the home country

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